How to Study the Bible – Advanced Bible Study Tip No.1 – How These 3 Beliefs Are Betraying You

With regards to your Bible review, your own convictions are killing your comprehension!

It doesn’t make any difference whether you are a Bible beginner or master, whether you are an Inductive Bible Study master or whether you own the best review Bible.

The predispositions you present to INTO your Bible review have more power than some strategy for perception you could have.

In this article, I need to make you mindful of those vulnerable sides.

Conviction #1 – Your Experience

Your encounters, positive or negative, enormously affect how you decipher different bits of insight of the Bible.

Does God mind? tune in? answer petition? Might it be said that he is great? might be questions shaking in your psyche after a disastrous encounter. I recall more than one companion asking this in their mid-30s when they were as yet not wedded.

Alert: Your experience isn’t the most ideal appointed authority for whether something in the Bible is valid.

It is not necessarily the case that you can’t confide in any experience. Rather, it implies that you can’t make it the last adjudicator.

Conviction #2 – Your Religious Tradition

We have all been profoundly affected by our congregation, minister or otherworldly custom.

These impacts have given us very much shaped suppositions on pretty much any subject: the trinity, ladies in service, fetus removal, homosexuality, nurturing or connections to give some examples.

At times, your perspectives might have been deterred or disliked. This shortcircuited your learning and may feel a little wary in your investigation of the Bible.

Alert: Beware of unequivocally had perspectives on any theme. No congregation or minister is right always.

All the more critically, don’t allow major areas of strength for these to cloud your vision as you approach the Bible on those subjects.

Conviction #3 – Your Language and Culture

We are profoundly social animals. We decipher everything from the perspective of our own way of life, even things in the Bible that happened 1000s of years prior.

For instance, in the event that we read the word As it was in the days of Noah church in the Bible, we could envision seats, a lectern, a solitary minister front and center, ensembles, Sunday school classes, and so on.

Yet, a large portion of these ideas are FAR REMOVED from how the New Testament grasps that word.

The equivalent goes for the Bible’s perspective on marriage, work, good cause, ladies, and so on.

Alert: You can’t import your social and semantic comprehension into your perusing of the Bible.

The Bible should be perused in its own social and etymological foundation to check out.


Your experience, strict custom and language/culture might be giving you down access your investigation of the Bible. Attempt to limit their effect and you will have a vastly improved understanding as you study.

God favor the perusing and investigation of integrity.

Exhausted of your Bible review?