Does My Business Really Need An SEO Copywriter?

Does My Business Really Need An SEO Copywriter?

Everywhere you look, people are uttering those same and rather infamous words; that content is king and really is the difference between online success and failure. The truth of the matter is that content has always been crucial to the success of search engine optimisation and the overall success of online marketing however it has only been until the recent algorithm change until the importance of content was reinstated.

Following a lengthy period of time in which expert SEO agencies aimed to ‘con’ the Google bots with hordes of low quality content created purely for link building purposes a greatly influential move has now been implemented. Businesses have now been warned, scrutinised and severely punished by the search engine itself which is now demanding that higher quality content, fitted with an appropriate sum of keywords and providing a genuine service to the reader.

Those who have been ‘caught out’ by Google are now having to very much face the wrath of the search engine and those who have been lucky enough to have been let off with a warning or have simply suffered a few ranking dips, are now hearing the alarm bells scream at the top of their lungs; content is king!

Whether it is via an onsite or offsite blog, through guest blogging Sommerseo posts, news articles, guides, FAQ’s and anything else in between; anyone with an online website is now urged to improve the rate and quality of content to not only amend their previous errors but to also have any chance of holding on to those all-important SERPS.

With such prevalence now given to content, many businesses are now being urged by their internet marketing company; to take on board a professional SEO writer to truly give their business a push but do you really need one?

To put it simple, yes. As the SEO platform continues to become greatly competitive it is pivotal that every move your online campaign makes is the right one and as more and more businesses now compete for the online audience it is important that your business come out as an industry leader and an SEO copywriter can help you achieve just that.

Understandably your initial argument will be that; nobody knows your business more better than you however nobody knows the internet better than an SEO copywriter who will not only work alongside you to determine the quality of the content but will create the write pieces, in the write style and all adhering to the demands of Google. What’s more is that the right copy writer will possess years of proven experience across the industry board.

If you feel unsure then it is vital that, whichever online marketing company